PC/Mac Support
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PC/Mac Requirements

Internet Connectivity Requirements

  • We recommend a 25+mb internet connection to fully experience our video application.
  • Our Portal streams 4 video feeds simultaneously, so at a minimum you need to have a 12-20mb internet connection depending on the video.
  • Test your internet connectivity for HTML5 video download speed here
  • Simply click on "Start Test..." near the lower left corner of your screen.
As a reference, 2mb is about the minimum bandwidth requirement to stream a good quality single video feed (e.g. typical non-high definition YouTube video).  Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Instant Video recommend 3-5mb for a single high definition video feed, and we film all videos in high definition. ​

Browser Recommendations

  • PC/Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • ​Mac/OS x: Mavericks-Firefox; Yosemite-Chrome ; El Capitan-Chrome ; Sierra-Chrome
  • NOT SUPPORTED: Safari, Internet Explorer
There are differences in browser implementation, functionality and performance from platform to platform; your operating system, browser, memory, processor and hardware versions can all have an impact on your video streaming experience.  Google Chrome on a PC may be different than Google Chrome on a Mac.  As a result of the diverse interactions between the browser, operating system, and platform, a few possible solutions may need to be tested before success.  If you encounter video loading and playing issues as well as immediate angle sync/playback issues, tap the rewind button to stop and re-sync the video feed(s).

Also, try switching between Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  We ask that you send an email to support@truestreammedia.com with information regarding any operational anomalies you encounter as you enjoy your videos.  Below is our current list of findings to date.

Browser Support

  • See how well your browser supports HTML5 click here.
  • How well other desktop browsers support HTML5 click here.
  • How well other tablet browsers support HTML5 click here.
  • How well other mobile browsers support HTML5 click here.​