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Founded in early 2011, True Stream Media has provided the entertainment and corporate communities with an innovative video solution to deliver content via a truly unique platform.  We began with Med World Live,  offering solutions in the healthcare space to help improve training results, empower field sales teams and deliver improved product & procedure instructional content to medical professionals.  We learned through our relationships with our clients that our technology can be applied in numerous ways to help yield better results while reducing the costs traditionally associated with training, sales & marketing.  Med World Live now also offers a GPO solution designed to benefit all stakeholders in the medical device value chain by improving access to critical information, helping streamline hospital Value Analysis processes; speeding up product adoption.

In 2017, Food World Live was established to introduce our unique platform as a true game-changer in the hospitality & food service industry.  The Food World Live solution is designed to address the unique challenges faced in the food service industry and deliver consistent, quality information in a way that no other tool can; resulting in a faster and more nimble value chain better prepared to delight consumers and create demand.


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