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Client Feedback

"Med World Live is a great partner!  I have had the opportunity to work with various members of their team, and they have been nothing but responsive, helpful and highly professional.  The project we launched was multi-faceted and very complex.  It was unique in that it had a surgical component, along with key stakeholder interview segments that contributed to a multi-disciplinary approach, for managing challenging Heart Failure patients.  This model is helping to educate Heart Failure clinicians on a new, innovative, exciting and impactful technology.

The Med World Live team is great to work with, and the technology provides a high tech, valuable learning experience with the interactive state of the art video platform, and virtual OR environment.  I look forward to working with them on our global initiatives moving forward."

Feedback from SJM reps & customers:
"I had a meeting with one of my Drs., and sat down to review the app with him.  He has been wanting to see a decent implant video and as soon as I opened this one up he was completely absorbed in it.  He stated that he believes this is the best procedural video that he has seen.”

“The videos have been perfect for aiding in discussions during one on one talks!  The clips seem to flow well and the commentary has proven quite powerful.”


Kim Eggen
Sr. Manager, Professional Education, Heart Failure
St. Jude Medical S.C., Inc.

In-service Training for Surgeon
"He was impressed with the implant video and found it extremely helpful to see “live” what to expect.” ... read more
Great Resource for First Time Implanter
"The case went awesome!  This is a great resource to be utilized." ... read more
Revenue Generating Opportunity
"The ease of access for these resources that the MWL Offline app provides enabled this relationship to transition into a productive" ... read more
Limitless Possibilities
"The technology is invaluable, flexible and a value add to our current education and training programs for all of our target audiences." ... read more
Shooting Simulated Procedures
"The MWL team was very helpful in thinking through the setup and shooting of each procedure.  Their flexibility was essential in making sure that" ... read more
Filling in the Gap between Training and First Case
"The MWL platform allows us to spend less time on the basics and more time on crucial technique pearls." ... read more
Product Demonstrations
"The training savings will be immediate while simultaneously getting the product out in the subject matter expert's hands." ... read more
Working with Med World Live
"From project scoping to concepting to implementation to revisions, their engagement produced a better product." ... read more
Game Changer
"The interactive views, animations, related documents, etc., allowed the surgeon to find what he wanted to review quickly and enter the OR fully" ... read more
Virtual Surgeon Training Program
"The team remained very responsive to my questions and concerns, working with me to ensure we had the final product we wanted." ... read more
Positive Experience
"They have been fantastic with introducing new avenues for reaching more customers, both domestically and internationally." ... read more
Simulation Training
"MWL enhances simulation by archiving and distributing institutions unique videos.  The videos can be viewed both pre and post simulation" ... read more
Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery
"As a trainer in laparoscopic and robotic surgery, I have found the Med World Live system an invaluable tool in my day to day work." ... read more
Training Protocols
"In the years to come the Med World Live portal will be visited early and often by nurses and physicians in training programs around the globe!" ... read more